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Weapons Detection System

List Price $17,570

No divesting of backpacks, purses, and bags. Screen up to 3600 people per hour (1 per second) through a single OPENGATE.
Remote Management with OPENGATE App.
Easily set detection and signaling parameters via smartphone or tablet.
Easy to relocate and quick to install. Weighs only 25lbs with less than 1 minute setup time. Indoor and outdoor operations.
  • OPENGATE® is the first and only fully open, active walk-through detection system, composed of two freestanding pillars.

  • OPENGATE® does not require any mechanical or electrical connection between the two pillars that define the passageway.

  • Acoustic and optical signals, located at the top of the pillars, provide real-time status and alarm indications.

  • OPENGATE® is the most portable, elegant, easy to position and ready to use weapons detection system. No installation, adjustment or assembly procedures. (~25 lbs per column)

  • Proprietary arch-free structure and operation solution and embedded electronics eliminates the need for crossbar and enables arch-free operations.

  • Specialty top cap allows for alarm visibility even in direct sunlight

  • OPENGATE® power supply options include either lithium ion batteries and/or standard wall outlet (110v).

  • OPENGATE® is extremely versatile and can be used at a variety of entrances or security checkpoint locations, either indoors or outdoors.

  • Detection target: Multi-caliber weapons and IEDs.

  • Operational use: Faster screening of people in transit with bags, backpacks, and purses; Extremely high throughput; Integrated high-precision transit counter.

  • Applications: Stadiums / Arenas / Ballparks; Theme parks; Hospitals; Museums; Theaters; Convention centres; Transportation hubs; In general, all places open to the public characterized by the need to screen large crowds.

  • Easy to relocate and quick to install: Only 25 pounds with less than 1 minute setup time, it does not require adjustments or the assembly of mechanical and electrical parts.

  • Detection and signaling parameters can be easily set via the OPENGATE® App, designed for smartphones or tablets and based on Android or iOS operating systems.

OPENGATE Informational Brochure
NIJ: NILECJ_STD_0601.00  Levels 1 & 2 Detection standard

Accredited Third-Party Lab Tested Complaint against all Applicable Safety Requirements, including:
  • ​EN 45502-2-1:2003. (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • EN 45502-2-2:2008. (Implantable defibrillators)
  • ISO 14117:2019. (Cardiac pacemakers, cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices)
  • ISO 14708-1:2014 (Implants for surgery)
  • ISO 14708-2:2019 (Cardiac pacemakers)
  • ISO 14708-3:2017 (Implantable neurostimulators)
  • ISO 14708-4:2008 (Implantable infusion pumps)
  • ISO 14708-5:2020 (Circulatory support devices)
  • ISO 14708-6:2019 (Implantable tachyarrhythmia treatment devices)
  • ISO 14708-7:2019 (Cochlea implants, auditory brainstem implant systems)

In the world of security and metal threat detection, CEIA (CHAY-ah) is the leader in performance, technology, and reliability. Well-known throughout the world for deployments in the most mission-critical environments, CEIA has proven to be the choice for security professionals and government organizations. When you are serious about checkpoint security, CEIA is the only option.

CEIA carries strong brand recognition amongst security professionals. Their reference list includes every major US Federal Agency along with a large customer base of professional league organizations, including Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, as well as wide-ranging intercollegiate, entertainment, and U.S. airport locations. CEIA is the brand that protects all major US airports, all Federal prisons, Federal Courts, and even the White House.

CEIA USA supplies North America directly through their large warehouse and technical services center located in Hudson Ohio. CEIA provide the technical support, warranty repair, and logistics to service your needs.


Upside Event Management is an authorized CEIA Dealer. Material shown are from CEIA and are not owned by Upside Event Management.

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